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3M / Aqua-Pure Advanced Iron Reduction System

APIF100 / APIF150
Iron Filter
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3M Iron Reduction System Comparison Chart
2 Bathrooms 2-3 Bathrooms 4+ Bathrooms
Type Metered
Best Use Those with a low pH balance and high iron content that causes staining problems
Flow Rate 6 gallons per minute 7 gallons per minute 9 gallons per minute
Dimensions 10" x 16" x 53"
Filter Media Calcite, corosex, and sand mixture
Contaminant Reduction Clear water iron, red water iron, organic/bacteria iron (up to 10 ppm), and hydrogen sulfide gas (up to 3 ppm)
Weight 143 lbs. 186 lbs. 257 lbs.
Filter Media Replacement MC-050P
Warranty 1 years (system); 3 years (control valve); 5 years (mineral tank)
3M Iron Filter Advantages
  • Easy Maintenance — Long-lasting filter media needs to be replaced only after 8-10 years (filter media may never need to be replaced, depending on use and water conditions)
  • No Backwashing — Since the media dissolves into the water, there‚Äôs no need to backwash the system
  • Odor Reduction — System reduces rotten-egg odors in the water (hydrogen sulfide gas)
  • Balanced pH — Automatically adjusts the pH of acidic water for reduced corrosion
  • Cleaner Laundry — Reduces rust stains in clothes and gives detergent more sudsing action
  • Cleaner Plumbing Fixtures — Reduces unsightly rust stains that collect in toilets, sinks, and bathtubs

How does 3M’s iron reduction system work?

3M’s iron reduction system removes iron by injecting air into the water, causing the dissolved iron in the water to turn into a rust form that can then be removed by the filtration media. The system also periodically backflushes to remove any accumulated iron out of the unit and into a drain.

What are the overall benefits of an iron reduction system for the house? (plumbing, fixtures, etc.)

Because iron can clog up pipes and create scale on appliances, removing iron from the water increases the overall water flow throughout the house and extends the lifetime of appliances. It also greatly reduces the appearance of unsightly hard water stains in toilets, bathtubs, and sink basins.

Does it remove odor? (sulfur smell, etc.)

The system does reduce sulfur odor in the water by removing up to 3 ppm of hydrogen sulfide gas with its air-to-water pressure tank.

How often does the filter media need to be replaced?

The media can last 8 to 10 years or even longer and needs to be replaced only if there is a drop in pressure or performance as the media becomes contaminated with iron. However, if your water's pH level is below 7, you may need to add pHPLUS once or twice a year, as part of the media bed may dissolve in acidic water. We suggest checking the media once every 3 months for the first year and adding 1 bottle of pHPLUS once the media drops 1" (pHPLUS comes in a pack of 6 bottles). After the first year of operation, you will have a feel for your rate of consumption. If your water's pH is at or above 7.0, you do not need to check the media.