Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets (20/30 Tablets)

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EPA Registered
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Each tablet treats 1 quart of water
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Micropur MP1 Chlorine Dioxide Advantages
  • EPA Registered
  • Effective against harmful bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Pre-measured — each tablet treats 1 quart of water (no mixing or measuring needed)
  • Leaves no unpleasant taste
How does Micropur MP1 work?

Just add 1 tablet to a quart of water. Upon dilution, Micropur MP1 tablets release chlorine dioxide, the same substance used in municipal drinking water plants worldwide to disinfect drinking water.

What studies were conducted with Micropur MP-1?

Micropur MP1 was tested to the EPA water purifier protocol and is EPA registered as a purification system (proven effective against bacteria, viruses, and cysts).

Does Micropur MP1 affect the taste of water?

Micropur MP1 can actually improve the taste of water. There is no need to add neutralizers for taste adjustment.

How should the Micropur MP1 package be opened?

Each tablet is individually sealed for longest shelf life (4 years) and is tamper/child proof. Simply use a knife or scissors to open.

Can Micropur MP1 be used with a microfilter for extra protection?

Yes, Katadyn Microfilters remove cysts