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CleanBoost Maxx Gas and Diesel Treatment 16 oz Bottle (Case of 12)

  • CT-CBM-12x16-BP

EPA Registered
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Get a 16 oz bottle of CleanBoost Maxx fuel treatment / fuel additive for all grades of diesel fuels, JP8, kerosene, and gasoline by Combustion Technologies. Maxx reduces emissions and fuel consumption in gas and diesel engines. CleanBoost Maxx is a replacement for CleanBoost Plus.

Benefits of Using CleanBoost Maxx:
  • EPA Registered
  • Assists with water issues caused by storage tanks, poor fuel manufacturing, and condensation from everyday equipment usage
  • Reduces greenhouse gas (CO2), acid rain gases (SO2 and SO3), soot (black smoke), carbon build-up, fouling, slagging, and cold-end corrosion
  • Improves engine and boiler performance
  • Keeps equipment cleaner for less need of maintenance
  • Produces more energy and less emissions per unit of fuel burned
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 5% to 10% in a wide range of fossil fuels, such as coal, heavy residual fuel oils, intermediate fuel oil blends, and refined diesel fuels
  • Effective in industrial boilers and diesel engines of all sizes and is used in marine shipping, power generation, mining, construction, ground transportation, and more
  • Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs