Rainshow'r PFGG Gard’n Gro Garden Filter Prefilter

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Cleanable and reusable
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Rainshow’r Gard’n Gro Prefilter Overview
  • Prefilter for the Gard’n Gro or Green Knight Water Filter
  • Recommended for those who live in an area with a high level of sediment
  • Prevents sediment (larger particles of dirt and rust) from clogging the garden filter
  • Utilizes a 15 micron double screen (15 microns is about 5 times smaller than human hair)
  • It's cleanable and reusable — just wash the screen when it becomes clogged
  • Enhances effectiveness of the Gard’n Gro filter by optimizing its electro-chemical action
  • Enhances the longevity of the filter
  • Nylon reinforced hose-saver included
  • 1 year warranty on the interior screens
  • Lifetime warranty on all other parts
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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