Tersano Filter Replacement for Lotus LWT100

  • LWTRF1

NSF Certified
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Lasts 12 months or 365 uses
  • Product Overview
Tersano LWTRF1 Lotus Solid Block Carbon Filter Replacement Overview
  • Filter replacement for LWT100 Lotus Water Treatment System
  • Meets NSF standards 42 and 53 for chlorine, taste and odor, particulates, cysts, lead, and VOCs
  • Offers a significant advantage over standard granular activated carbon filters. The pore size and flow rates are accurately controlled due to the particle size and the force of the compressed media in a block form. This gives the water increased contact time with the filter media, making the chemical reduction and mechanical filtration of the filter more efficient, as well as extending the life of the filter media.
  • Custom-formulated carbon block filter removes contaminants such as chlorine, VOCs, and excess ozone
  • Lasts for 365 uses or 1 year
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