Daewoo DD-7098 Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

NSF Certified
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The genuine OEM Daewoo DD-7098 external inline refrigerator water filter improves the taste and odor of drinking water. DD-7098 is for use with all Daewoo fridges that use external inline refrigerator filters, as well as fridges by Bosch, Neff, and Siemens. Tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for chlorine taste and odor reduction.

Compatible Filter Model/Part Numbers:
  • 155083, 18001001, 18001009, 18001010
  • 25004006, 25004018, 25004022, 25004082
  • 3650JD8050A, 3890JC2990A, 3010541600, 3019974100
  • 497818, 4210359, 4210508, 4210573, 4378411, 4392945
  • 55616, 5231JA2003B, 5231JA2010A, 5231JA2010B, 5231JA2012A, 5303310266, 5303917335/li>
  • AP2615841, AP3109540, AP3219862, AP4324927
  • BL-9808, BL9808
  • C00114417, CL10RO
  • DD-7098, DD7098, DA29-10105C, DA29-10105E, DA29-10105J
  • EF-9603, EF9603
  • IF30, IF-30, IF30A, IF30-A, IF31, IF-31, IF-35, ILIM01, IL-IM-01, IN-1
  • K2533, K32010CB, K3MFC2010F
  • Magic Water Filter
  • R-400, R0183114, R200, R-200
  • USC100
  • WIC, WIC6A, WIC-6A, WICS, WR97X180, WR97X214, WR97X215, WSF-100, WSF100, WF283, WSI-1, WSS3, WSS-3
Compatible Refrigerator Model Numbers:
  • BF585SL
  • FRS2031IAL, FRSU20FA
  • K3940X6/01, K3940X6/04, K3940X6GB/01, K3940X6GB/06, K3950X6GB/01, K3970X6/01, K3970X6/02, K3970X6/03, K3970X6/04, K3970X6/05, K3990X6/01, K3990X6/02, K3990X6/03, K3990X6/04, K3990X6GB/01, K3990X6GB/02, K3990X6GB/03, K3990X6GB/04, K3990X7/01, K3990X7/02, K3990X7/03, K3990X7/04, K3990X7GB/01
  • KA56NV10, KA56NV40
  • KA58NA40GB/02, KA58NA40GB/04, KA58NA40GB/05, KA58NA40GB/06, KA58NP90/04, KA58NP90GB/03, KA58NP90GB/04, KA58NP90GB/05, KA58NP90GB/06, KA58NP90GB/07, KA58NP90GB01, KA58NA10, KA58NA40, KA58NA70, KA58NP70, KA58NP90, KA58NP95
  • KA60NA40
  • KAN56, KAN58, KAN60, KAN61, KAN56V10, KAN56V40, KAN56V50, KAN58A10, KAN58A40, KAN58A50, KAN58A70, KAN58P90, KAN58P95, KAN60A15, KAN60A40, KAN61A40
  • KG57U95/17
  • SBS70524, SBS7052-4
  • WPRO