6" & 12" Carbon Pleated Odor Eliminator Rigid Cell Air Filters (Case of 1, 2, or 4)

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Carbon Pleated Rigid Cell Filters
  • Intelligent carbon media effectively absorbs odors and irritants while maintaining a low resistance to air flow.
  • Product not intended for heavy chemical vapor capture and should only be used in light duty settings rather than heavy duty.
  • Built with special plastic separators and heavy gauge metal backing to handle changes in airflow.
  • Deep "V" pleats maximize media exposure to air for high dust holding.
  • Tapered pleat configuration channels air evenly, allowing low airflow restriction.
  • Plastic finger separators adhere throughout the pack to stabilize the medias and prevent dust unloading during turbulence and startup.
  • 100% synthetic separators are non-carcinogenic and are resistant to abrasion, moisture, and microbial growth.
  • Excellent replacement filters for ASHRAE style metal separator filters and for mini-pleat V cells.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Not designed for high velocity turbine applications.
  • Available in plastic or galvanized frame.
  • Non-standard size filters available upon request. Please call for pricing.
  • Frame customization available for additional fees.
Filter Guide
Nominal Size Actual Size Media Area
(sq. ft.)
Flow Rate
Plastic Construction
Filter Depth: 6”
12x24x6 11.375” x 23.375” x 5.5” 15 (no header)
13 (with header)
500 Not Available
20x20x6 19.375” x 19.375” x 5.5” 20 (no header)
18 (with header)
694 Not Available
20x24x6 19.375” x 23.375” x 5.5” 24 (no header)
22 (with header)
833 Not Available
24x24x6 23.375” x 23.375” x 5.5” 29 (no header)
27 (with header)
1000 Not Available
Filter Depth: 12”
12x24x12 11.375” x 23.375” x 11.5” 29 (no header)
25 (with header)
1000 Available
20x20x12 19.375” x 19.375” x 11.5” 40 (no header)
38 (with header)
1389 Available
20x24x12 19.375” x 23.375” x 11.5” 48 (no header)
44 (with header)
1667 Available
24x24x12 23.375” x 23.375” x 11.5” 58 (no header)
52 (with header)
2000 Available
Frame Customization Pricing
Customization Type Price Item Code
Gaskets on air exit side (back) of header $4.00 per filter X
Gaskets on air entry side (face) of header $4.00 per filter E
Gaskets on horizontal sides of header $3.00 per filter S
High Velocity 9 gauge wire grid downstream $4.00 per filter HV
High Velocity 9 gauge wire grids upstream and downstream $10.00 per filter HV2
Cross bracing upstream and downstream $4.00 per filter B
Cross bracing downstream $5.00 per filter J
Double Header $10.00 per filter D
Plastic Box Construction FREE! P
Characteristics Description
Particulate Filter Media 100% synthetic gradient media
Carbon Filter Media Fine carbon powder bonded to synthetic media
Media Support Grid 30 gauge expanded metal media support grid
Pleat Separators Plastic pleat separators
Frame 26 gauge galvanized metal frame
Assembly Technique Media pack totally bonded to frame - Plastic media separators bonded to preformed slots
Maximum Temperature 150°F (65°C) continuous service, Peaks 200°F (93°C)
Maximu Humidity Resistant to 100% R.H.