3M / Aqua-Pure SS0104 Sul-X Solution Bottles

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SS0104 Sul-X Solution (4 One-Gallon Sul-X Solution Bottles) Overview
  • Weight: 33.2 lbs
  • Solution For: SX-10P Sulfur Reduction Filter Media
  • Used In: Sulfur Reduction System
How would I know when and how much Sul-X solution I need to add?

The LA30P feed pump includes a small, 15 gallon holding tank for the solution. This tank is translucent and has marks for the volume on the side. You will be able to check the solution level by looking at the tank or holding a flashlight against the side to see the shadow of the solution. We recommend adding more Sul-X solution when the volume level drops below the 5 gallon mark. Please note that the Sul-X solution is often diluted with fresh water, so 1 gallon of solution can make 2 to 5 gallons of diluted solution. The manual will include instructions for mixing the solution and setting the pump correctly on-site.