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At, we are committed to providing the best available home filtration products to satisfy all your needs. Whether you are searching for a replacement refrigerator filter, a MERV-rated furnace filter, or any number of different home water filters, we have the brand names and the products you need.

When it comes to furnace filters, we know the health of your family is at the top of your list. Our selection of 5" return grille filters remove lint and dust mite debris, while providing longer-lasting filtration than a traditional 1" filter. Lysol furnace filters were the first to be asthma & allergy friendly™ certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, being specifically built with asthma and allergy sufferers in mind. We also offer a wide selection of whole house air cleaner filter replacements that present a more affordable option and a wider selection than you will find from OEM replacement filters. Our air cleaner filter may be more affordable, but the performance and quality is the same or even better than the OEM replacements to provide your home with improved air quality.

In addition to standard home filtration products, we also offer a number of unique and specialized filters, including a line of NSF certified shower filters for guaranteed softer skin and hair and a number of well water filters specifically designed to address the particular filtration needs of private well owners. Our product line currently includes many of the top filtration brands (including sought-after brands of refrigerator water filters and whole house water filters), and we are constantly adding new products to provide our customers with the widest selection. For example, the Aqua-Pure AP904 offers whole house water filtration, acting as both a carbon filter and scale inhibitor, or the Aqua-Pure 3MFF100 which is currently the best residential water filter available, using technology from filters in the foodservice industry.

For added customer convenience, we are now happy to offer an email reminder service. We will automatically send you an email to remind you when your replacement is due, based on either the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations or your own preferred replacement frequency.

To further improve our service, we also offer useful online resources such as our tap water facts and water glossary. With all of the valuable information and beneficial products available on our website, is truly a one-stop shop for all of your air and water filtration needs.

This Week’s Special Deals

  • Furnace Filters
    Furnace Filters
    MERV-rated furnace filters available in a variety of sizes and options. Catalog includes pleated filters, odor eliminator filters, and return air grille filters.
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  • refrigerator water filters
    Refrigerator Water Filters
    Name brand refrigerator water filters available, including Kenmore, Whirlpool, and more. Inexpensive alternative filters are also available for some of the most popular brands.
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  • honeywell filters
    Air Cleaner Filter Replacement
    A more affordable replacement for OEM filters with a much wider selection to choose from. These filters will provide you with the same or greater air quality and efficiency performance.
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  • Lysol filters
    Lysol Triple Protection Filters
    First air filters to be asthma & allergy friendly™ certified. Specially designed with Lysol Triple Protection to trap pollutants and allergens, neutralize odors, and to inhibit bacterial growth.
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  • Shower Filter
    Shower Filters
    Guaranteed to improve the softness of skin and hair and provide a more luxurious showering experience.
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  • whole house filter
    Whole House Water Filter
    Provides advanced water filtration for the whole house acting as a carbon filter and a scale inhibitor all-in-one! Lasts up to one year with an easy to replace, stainless steel head.
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  • undersink filter
    Aqua-Pure Inline Water Filter
    Currently the best residential water filter available with 0.2 micron filtration for increased contaminant reduction without pressure loss. Connects directly to your kitchen faucet.
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  • Hydronix
    Sediment & Carbon Filters
    A full line of sediment and carbon filters by Hydronix. Available in a number of different filter media and sizes to accommodate a variety of applications.
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