Fisher and Paykel Water Filters by Item / Model Number

Your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator was made by Whirlpool

Did you know that your Fisher and Paykel water filter was made by Whirlpool? Some companies have larger companies like Whirlpool manufacture their refrigerators and filters under their own smaller brand name. Your refrigerator water filter replacement for Fisher & Paykel fridges can be a genuine OEM Whirlpool refrigerator water filter such as the EDR4RXD1 Everydrop water filter or the EDR6D1 Whirlpool refrigerator water filter. Or you can try a quality compatible replacement refrigerator filter by SpiroPure, such as the SpiroPure SP-FP847 replacement for the 847200 Fisher Paykel FWC3 Filter.

Fisher & Paykel’s Item/Model Number
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Corresponding Filter
13040210 Whirlpool EDR4RXD1
Whirlpool EDR4RXD1 (Filter 4)
842802 / 839041 Whirlpool EDR6D1
Whirlpool EDR6D1 (Filter 6)
836848 / 836860 / 862284 / 862285 SpiroPure SP-FP836
SpiroPure SP-FP836
847200 / FWC3 SpiroPure SP-FP847
SpiroPure SP-FP847