3M Water Filters

Explore our selection of 3M water filters whether for your home, office, commercial, or industrial water filtration needs. Whole house filters such as the AP810 sediment water filter cartridge work to filter water for the entire home. Reverse osmosis and other under sink filters such as the AP Easy C-Cyst-FF provide access to purer drinking water. Finally a large variety of commercial beverage, ice machine, coffee, and other food service filters can be found, including HF25-S, HF90, HF90, and HC351-S replacement water filter cartridges.

Residential Filters

Genuine OEM refrigerator, undersink, inline, and more water filters from 3M for the home

Food Service Filters

Genuine OEM food service water filtration from 3M, inlcuding filters for ice-makers, espresso & tea machines, cold beverage dispensers, and more

Industrial Filters

Genuine OEM 3M industrial water filters for applications such as paint, chemicals, adhesives, general manufacture processes, and more