MSR MiniWorks Maintenance Kit

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MSR MiniWorks / WaterWorks Microfilter Maintenance Kit Overview
  • A complete maintenance kit for the MiniWorks
    MSR MiniWorks
    or WaterWorks (Discontinued) microfilter
  • Includes parts to replace O-rings, valves, and silicon tube for the O-rings
  • Perfect item when the filter doesn't work as well as it did when first purchased
  • Retrieves the current MiniWorks EX, allowing to work 99% of how it did brand new
  • Made in U.S.A.
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Why doesn’t the MSR MiniWorks / WaterWorks Maintenance Kit come with the blue Inlet Check Valve Ball that is pictured in the instructions?

The Inlet Check Valve Ball has not been included in the maintenance kit since 2003. It was then that MSR began utilizing the Duck Bill Valve in place of the Inlet Check Valve. Filters that were manufactured before 2003 must be converted to the Duck Bill Valve by using part number 9 of the maintenance kit.