Katadyn Pocket Ceramic Filter Replacement Element

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Lasts up to 13,000 gallons
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Katadyn Pocket Microfilter Ceramic Replacement Element Specifications
  • Capacity: Up to 13,000 gallons (50,000 liters) depending on water
  • Output Speed: 1 quart/min (1 liter/min)
Technical Information
  • Ceramic replacement element for Pocket Microfilter
  • Cleanable ceramic filter element can be reused hundreds of times (not a disposable filter)
  • Eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments, and viruses in combination with particles greater than 0.2 microns
  • Reduces chemicals and radioactive particles
  • No micro-organisms can pass through the mini pores of the filter ceramic (0.2 microns) because of their size (greater than 0.2 microns = 0.0002 mm)
  • Meets EPA Purifier Standards
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Package Content
  • 2 3M cleaning pads
  • 1 Ceramic Filter Element
  • 1 Silicone Tube for O-rings