Jura Claris White Filter Cartridges (3 Pack)

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The genuine OEM Jura Claris White 68739 water filter cartridges for Jura coffee machines with the CLARIS plus WaterCare IMPRESSA filter cartridge. Claris White Filters improve the taste of coffee drinks and help extend the life of coffee machines by reducing limescale buildup. 68739 is a three pack of 60209 Claris White filters that are composed of pure organic material without chemical additives.

Please note that Jura Claris is the European brand name for Jura filters. Jura Clearyl and Jura Claris filters are the same filters, just with different packaging.

Compatible Model/Part Numbers:
  • 60209, 60355, 68739
  • Impressa E5, Impressa E50, Impressa E55, Impressa E60, Impressa E65, Impressa E70, Impressa E74, Impressa E75, Impressa E8
  • Impressa F5, Impressa F50, Impressa F50 Old Generation, Impressa F707, Impressa F9, Impressa F90, Impressa F70
  • Impressa J5
  • Impressa / Nespresso N9, Impressa / Nespresso N90
  • Impressa S5, Impressa S7, Impressa S9, Impressa S50, Impressa S55, Impressa S7 avantgarde, Impressa S70, Impressa S75, Impressa S85, Impressa S9 avantgarde, Impressa S9 one touch, Impressa S90, Impressa S95
  • Impressa Scala, Impressa Scala Vario, Impressa Subito
  • Impressa X7-C, Impressa X7-S, Impressa X9, Impressa XF50, Impressa XF70, Impressa XS90, Impressa XS90 one touch, Impressa XS95, Impressa XS95 one touch
  • Impressa Z 5, Impressa Z5, Impressa Z5 2 @ 1
  • Jura Clearyl White