Aquamira WaterBasics Gravity Flow Filter Kit (Incl. GRN Line Filter)

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Aquamira WaterBasics 67251 Gravity Flow Filter Kit (GRN-II-80) Overview
  • Capacity: 80 gallons
  • Filtering Speed: 1 gallon every 15-20 minutes without pumping
  • Cartridge Included: GRN Line (Biological Emergencies)
  • Replacement Cartridge Options: GRN Line (Biological Emergencies) or RED Line (High Risk Emergencies)
  • Gravity does all the work (no pumping required)
  • Perfect for emergency preparation
  • Makes it easy to collect, filter, store, and dispense water
  • Ideal for securing safe drinking water during recreational activities like camping, hunting or fishing
  • Designed for use with carboys and stores easily at home, in an RV or boat
Features & Benefits:
  • Ideal for carboy type water containers
  • Designed for use with WaterBasics Series II replacement filters
Kit Includes: Documentation
WaterBasics Replacement Filters
BLU LINE (60 gal.) GRN LINE (80 gal.) RED LINE (120 gal.)
Protection Level: Basic Biological High Risk
Capacity: 60 gal. 80 gal. 120 gal.
Contaminant Removal
Taste & Odor: Yes
Chlorine: Yes
Chemicals: Yes
Crypto: Yes
Giardia: Yes
Bacteria: No Yes
Virus: No Yes