Aquamira DIVVY 250 Emergency Water Purification System (1 tank)

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The genuine OEM Aquamira DIVVY 250 emergency drinking water purification system provides purified water from any fresh water source. This system does not require fuel or electricity to deliver life-saving drinking water and is easily stored in a shelter or warehouse. DIVVY 250 takes minutes to pump 250 gallons, removing waterborne bacteria, protozoa, particulate, taste and odors, and effectively inactivating viruses.

Please note that the DIVVY 250 system kit does not include a carbon block filter, chlorine treatment, or pre-filter sock. These items are sold separetly in the DIVVY Consumables Kit.

DIVVY Emergency Water System
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Ideal Applications: Emergency and Disaster Relief
Purified Water Cost: <$0.04 per gallon
Virus Removal: >99.99%
Bacteria Removal: >99.99%
Performance: Meets NSF/ANSI 42 for chlorine, taste and odor reduction
Meets NSF/ANSI 53 for cyst removal
Meets EPA requirements for biological water purification
Filling Time: 30 minutes
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Dispense Rate 250 gallons per hour
Advantages: Easy to transport, assemble, and use
No tools, fuel, or electricity required
Simple one-person operation
Reusable bulk water purification system
Made in the USA
Capacity: 20,000 gallons 60,000 gallons
Shipping Weight: 211 lbs. 359 lbs.
Documentations: DIVVY Specs Sheet