Honeywell FC100A1011 20x20 Compatible Odor Eliminator Filters (2 Pack)

  • SP-20x20x5W1-PC2

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Honeywell FC100A1011 Compatible Air Filters
  • Compatible pleated filters made to be installed in the Honeywell Whole-House Media Air Cleaner
  • Actual dimensions of the filters are 19-3/4" X 20-7/8" X 4-3/8".
  • Offers an economical alternative to the name-brand filter without compromising air quality or efficiency
  • Intelligent carbon media effectively absorbs odors and irritants while maintaining a low resistance to air flow.
  • MERV 8 rated per ASHRAE test standard 52.2.
Compatible Honeywell Air Cleaner Models
  • F100B1024 Media Air Cleaner Boot, 20x20 (F100 Series)
  • F100F2036 Media Air Cleaner, 20x20 (F100 Series)
  • F200E1011 Media Air Cleaner, 20x20, with W8600B RF AIRWATCH (F200 Series)
  • Other F25, F35, F100, and F150 models that currently use one of the filter media part numbers listed below
Compatible Filter Media Part Numbers
OEM Brand OEM Part Number OEM MERV Value
General Aire 4354 10
GA100A11 10
Honeywell 203721 11
CF200A1024 12
FC100A1011 11
FC200E1011 13
FC35A1019 10
Lennox HCF 14-10 10
X0585 10