Electrolux EWF01 Pure Advantage Water Filter

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The EWF01 filter is NOT compatible with ICON side-by-side models. If you have an ICON side-by-side refrigerator by Electrolux, you need the EWF2CBPA filter.

The genuine OEM Electrolux Pure Advantage Ice & Water Filtration System EWF01 or FC300 replacement fits all Electrolux refrigerators except for Electrolux ICON side-by-side models.

Compatible Filter Model / Part Numbers:
  • 176810, 176811
  • 218732216, 218732316, 241932301, 241988703
  • FC-300, FC300
  • PS2369689
  • Pure Advantage NGFC 2000
  • WF276

Looking for the EAFWF01 Air/Water Filter Combo?

Electrolux has discontinued the EAFWF01 Water/Air Filter Combo so you must purchase the EWF01 Water Filter (the filter listed on this page) and EAFCBF Air Filter separately.
Compatible Refrigerator Model Numbers
  • DGHF2360PF0, DGHF2360PF1, DGHF2360PF2A, DGUS2635LE0, DGUS2635LE2, DGUS2635LP0, DGUS2635LP1, DGUS2635LP2, DGUS2645LF0, DGUS2645LF1, DGUS2645LF2, DGUS2645LF3, DGUS2635LE1, DGUS2645LF4
  • E123CS55GS1
  • E23BC68JPS3, E23BC68JSS2, E23BC78IPS7, E23BC78IPS8, E23BC78ISS7, E23BC68JPS0, E23BC68JPS1, E23BC68JPS4, E23BC68JPS5, E23BC68JPS6, E23BC68JPS7, E23BC68JPS8, E23BC68JPS9, E23BC68JSS0, E23BC68JSS1, E23BC78IPS1, E23BC78IPS2, E23BC78IPS3, E23BC78IPS4, E23BC78IPS5, E23BC78IPS6, E23BC78IPSA, E23BC78IPSB, E23BC78IPSC, E23BC78IPSD, E23BC78IPSF, E23BC78IPSG, E23BC78IPSH, E23BC78ISS0, E23BC78ISS4, E23BC78ISS5, E23BC78ISS6
  • E24RD50QS0, E24RD75HPS0, E24RD75HSS0, E24RD75HSS1, E24RD75KPS1, E24WC75HPS0, E24WC75HPS1, E24WC75HSS0, E24WC75HSS1, E24RD75HPS1, E24RD75KPS0, E24RD75KSS0
  • E32AF75JPS0, E32AF75JPS1, E32AF75JPS2, E32AF85PQSA, E32AR75JPS0, E32AR75JPS1, E32AR75JPS2, E32AR85PQSA
  • EI26SS55GSO, E126SS55GSO, EI26SS35JB0, EI26SS35JB1, EI26SS35JS0, EI26SS35JS1, EI26SS35JW0, EI26SS35JW1, EI27BS16JB0, EI27BS16JB1, EI27BS16JS0, EI27BS16JS1, EI27BS16JW0, EI27BS16JW1, EI23BC51IB4, EI23BC51IB5, EI28BS51IB4, EI28BS56IBC, EI28BS56IBD, EI28BS56IBE, EI23BC51IS4, EI23BC56IB7, EI23BC56IB8, EI23BC56IBA, EI23BC56IBB, EI23BC56IBD, EI23BC36IB4, EI23BC36IB5, EI23BC36IB6, EI23BC36IB7, EI23BC36IS4, EI23BC36IS5, EI23BC36IS6, EI23BC36IS7, EI23BC36IW4, EI23BC36IW5, EI23BC36IW6, EI23BC36IW7, EI23BC51IW4, EI23BC51IW5, EI23BC51IW6, EI23CS35KS4A, EI28BS51IW4, EI28BS51IW6, EI23CS35KS0, EI23CS35KS1, EI23CS35KS2, EI28BS56IBB, EI26SS30JS1, EI26SS30JW0, EI26SS30JW1, EI28BS36IS4, EI28BS56IS8, EI28BS56IS9, EI28BS56ISA, EI28BS56ISB, EI28BS56ISC, EI28BS56ISE, EI28BS56ISF, EI23BC56IS7, EI23CS55GS7, EI23CS55GS8, EI23CS55GS9, EI23CS55GW7, EI23CS65KS0, EI23CS65KS1, EI23CS65KS2, EI26SS30JB0, EI23BC56IW8, EI23BC56IW9, EI23CS55GB7, EI23CS55GB8, EI26SS55GB6, EI26SS55GS6, EI28BS51IB5, EI28BS51IB6, EI28BS51IS4, EI28BS51IS5, EI28BS51IS6, EI28BS56IWC, EI23CS35KW0, EI23CS35KW1, EI23CS35KW2, EI27BS16JS3, EI27BS16JS4, EI27BS16JS5, EI27BS16JS6, EI27BS16JW2, EI27BS16JW3, EI27BS16JW4, EI27BS16JW5, EI27BS16JW6, EI27BS16JW8, EI27BS26JB4, EI27BS26JB5, EI27BS26JB6, EI27BS26JB7, EI27BS26JB8, EI27BS26JB9, EI27BS26JBA, EI27BS26JBB, EI27BS26JBC, EI27BS26JBD, EI27BS26JS3, EI27BS26JS4, EI27BS26JW3, EI27BS26JW4, EI27BS26JW5, EI27BS26JW6, EI27BS26JW7, EI27BS26JW8, EI27BS26JW9, EI27BS26JWA, EI27BS26JWB, EI27BS26JWC, EI27BS26JWD, EI28BS56IW8, EI28BS56IB8, EI28BS56IW9, EI28BS56IWA, EI28BS56IWB, EI28BS56IWD, EI28BS56IWE, EI23BC56IW7, EI23BC56IWA, EI23BC56IWB, EI23BC56IWC, EI23BC56IWD, EI26SS55GW6, EI27BS16JB2, EI27BS16JB3, EI27BS16JB4, EI27BS16JB5, EI27BS16JB6, EI27BS16JB8, EI27BS16JS2, EI27BS16JS8, EI28BS36IB4, EI28BS36IW4, EI28BS51IW5, EI23BC56IS8, EI23BC56IS9, EI23BC56ISA, EI23BC56ISB, EI23BC56ISC, EI23BC56ISD, EI26SS30JB1, EI26SS30JS0, EI26SS30JS3, EI26SS30JS4, EI27BS26JB3, EI28BS56IB9, EI28BS56IBA, EI23CS35KB0, EI23CS35KB1, EI23CS35KB2, EI23BC36IB0, EI23BC36IB1, EI23BC36IB2, EI23BC36IS0, EI23BC36IS1, EI23BC36IS2, EI23BC36IS3, EI23BC36IW0, EI23BC36IW1, EI23BC36IW2, EI23BC51IB0, EI23BC51IB1, EI23BC51IB2, EI23BC51IS0, EI23BC51IS1, EI23BC51IS2, EI23BC51IS3, EI23BC51IS6, EI23BC51IW0, EI23BC51IW1, EI23BC51IW2, EI23BC56IB0, EI23BC56IB1, EI23BC56IB2, EI23BC56IB3, EI23BC56IB4, EI23BC56IB6, EI23BC56IB9, EI23BC56IBC, EI23BC56IS1, EI23BC56IS2, EI23BC56IS3, EI23BC56IS4, EI23BC56IS5, EI23BC56IS6, EI23BC56IW0, EI23BC56IW1, EI23BC56IW2, EI23BC56IW3, EI23BC56IW6, EI23CS55GB0, EI23CS55GB1, EI23CS55GB2, EI23CS55GB3, EI23CS55GB4, EI23CS55GB5, EI23CS55GB6, EI23CS55GS0, EI23CS55GS1, EI23CS55GS2, EI23CS55GS3, EI23CS55GS4, EI23CS55GS5, EI23CS55GS6, EI23CS55GW0, EI23CS55GW1, EI23CS55GW2, EI23CS55GW3, EI23CS55GW4, EI23CS55GW5, EI23CS55GW6, EI23CS55GW8, EI23SS55HB0, EI23SS55HB1, EI23SS55HS0, EI23SS55HS1, EI23SS55HW0, EI23SS55HW1, EI26SS55GB0, EI26SS55GB1, EI26SS55GB2, EI26SS55GB3, EI26SS55GB4, EI26SS55GB5, EI26SS55GS0, EI26SS55GS1, EI26SS55GS2, EI26SS55GS3, EI26SS55GS4, EI26SS55GS5, EI26SS55GW0, EI26SS55GW1, EI26SS55GW2, EI26SS55GW3, EI26SS55GW4, EI26SS55GW5, EI27BS26JB0, EI27BS26JB1, EI27BS26JS0, EI27BS26JS1, EI27BS26JS5, EI27BS26JS6, EI27BS26JS7, EI27BS26JS8, EI27BS26JS9, EI27BS26JSC, EI27BS26JSD, EI27BS26JW0, EI27BS26JW1, EI28BS36IB0, EI28BS36IB1, EI28BS36IB2, EI28BS36IS0, EI28BS36IS1, EI28BS36IS2, EI28BS36IS3, EI28BS36IW0, EI28BS36IW1, EI28BS36IW2, EI28BS51IB0, EI28BS51IB1, EI28BS51IB2, EI28BS51IS0, EI28BS51IS1, EI28BS51IS2, EI28BS51IS3, EI28BS51IW0, EI28BS51IW1, EI28BS51IW2, EI28BS56IB0, EI28BS56IB1, EI28BS56IB2, EI28BS56IB3, EI28BS56IB4, EI28BS56IB5, EI28BS56IB6, EI28BS56IS0, EI28BS56IS1, EI28BS56IS2, EI28BS56IS3, EI28BS56IS4, EI28BS56IS5, EI28BS56IS6, EI28BS56IS7, EI28BS56ISD, EI28BS56IW0, EI28BS56IW1, EI28BS56IW2, EI28BS56IW3, EI28BS56IW4, EI28BS56IW5, EI32AR80QSA, EI32AF80QSA, EI28BS65KS3, EI28BS65KS4, EI28BS65KS6, EI28BS65KS7, EI28BS65KS8, EI28BS65KS9, EI24RD65KS0, EI24RD65KS1, EI24RD10QS0, EI24BL10QS0, EI24BC10QS0, EI23BC80KS1, EI23BC80KS2, EI23BC80KS3, EI23BC65KS3, EI23BC65KS4, EI23BC65KS5, EI23BC65KS6, EI23BC65KS7, EI23BC60KS1, EI23BC60KS2, EI23BC60KS3, EI23BC55IS1, EI23BC55IB1, EI23BC55IW1, EI23BC35KW3, EI23BC35KW4, EI23BC35KW5, EI23BC35KW6, EI23BC35KW7, EI23BC35KW8, EI23BC35KS3, EI23BC35KS4, EI23BC35KS5, EI23BC35KS6, EI23BC35KS7, EI23BC35KS8, EI23BC35KB3, EI23BC35KB4, EI23BC35KB5, EI23BC35KB6, EI23BC35KB7, EI23BC35KB8, EI23BC30KS1, EI23BC30KS4A, EI23BC30KB1, EI23BC30KB2, EI23BC30KB3, EI32AR65JS0, EI32AR65JS1, EI32AF65JS0, EI32AF65JS1, EI32AF65JS2, EI28BS80KS1, EI28BS80KS2, EI28BS80KS3, EI28BS55IW0, EI28BS55IW1, EI28BS55IS0, EI28BS55IS1, EI28BS55IB0, EI28BS55IB1, EI24WC75HS0, EI24WC65GS0, EI24WC65GS1, EI24RD65HS0, EI24RD65HS1, EI24BC65GS0, EI24BC65GS1, EI24BC65GS2, EI23BC30KW1, EI23BC30KW2, EI23BC30KW3
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  • LPUS2686LF1
  • Filter Life: 6 months or 400 gallons (whichever comes first)
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Operating Pressure: 30-100 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33-100 °F
  • Filter Size: 6-3/4" x 4-1/4" x 2-1/4"
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
How to Replace the Pure Advantage EWF01
  • Turn off the icemaker, using the power switch
  • Press the button just below the filter to release it
  • Slide the used filter straight out and discard it (The water shuts off automatically so you don’t have to worry about flooding your refrigerator)
  • Push the new filter straight in until it “clicks“ into place
  • Turn the ice maker back on
  • Reset the “Change Filter“ light
How to Reset the "Change Filter" Light
  • Press and hold the “Filter Status” button on the dispenser until the display changes from “Replace“ to “Good“ (for about 3 seconds)
Contaminant Reduction

    The Electrolux EWF01 filter cartridge replacement is tested and certified by NSF International to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of:

  • 97.40% of Chlorine
  • 99.30% of Lead
  • 96.60% of Mercury
  • 99.99% of Cysts
  • 97.80% of Turbidity
  • 99.10% of Particulates (Class I)
  • 97.30% of Alachlor
  • 94.60% of Atrazine
  • 98.90% of Lindane
  • 93.20% of Toxaphene
  • 99.90% of 2,4-D