SpiroPure Frigidaire / Electrolux PAULTRA2 242047805 Compatible Air Filter


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A high quality, alternative replacement refrigerator air filter that is compatible with the Frigidaire / Electrolux PAULTRA2 242047805 Refrigerator Air Filter. The SpiroPure SP-FRAIR2 fits in refrigerators by Frigidaire and Electrolux. PAULTRA 2 removes odors from the air inside of your refrigerator. This filter is size 3-7/8" x 2-7/8" x 7/16". Made in the USA!

SpiroPure filters have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not like the performance of your filter, you can send it back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Compatible Filter Model / Part Numbers:
  • 242047805
  • 4582822
  • AP6285787
  • EAP12364179
  • PAULTRA 2, PAULTRA2, PD00044143, PS12364179
Compatible Electrolux / Frigidaire Refrigerator Model Numbers:
  • DGHD2361TF0, DGHD2361TF1, DGHD2361TF2, DGHD2361TF3
  • FGHB2868TD0, FGHB2868TD1, FGHB2868TD2, FGHB2868TE0, FGHB2868TE1, FGHB2868TE2, FGHB2868TF0, FGHB2868TF1, FGHB2868TF2, FGHB2868TP0, FGHB2868TP1, FGHB2868TP2
  • FGHD2368TD0, FGHD2368TD1, FGHD2368TD2, FGHD2368TD3, FGHD2368TF0, FGHD2368TF1, FGHD2368TF2, FGHD2368TF3, FGHG2368TF0, FGHG2368TF1, FGHG2368TF2, FGHD2368TF5
  • FGHN2868TE0, FGHN2868TE1, FGHN2868TE2, FGHN2868TF0, FGHN2868TF1, FGHN2868TP0, FGHN2868TP2
  • LGHB2869TD0, LGHB2869TD1, LGHB2869TF0, LGHB2869TF1, LGHB2869TF3
  • LGHD2369TD0, LGHD2369TD2, LGHD2369TD3, LGHD2369TF0, LGHD2369TF1, LGHD2369TF2, LGHD2369TF3