Samsung DA29-00003G / HAFCU1/XAA Refrigerator Water Filter

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SpiroPure SP-SA003

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Samsung DA29-00003G

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As of 2019, Samsung has updated the Samsung DA29-00003F water filter locking mechanism to be compatible with any refrigerator that uses DA29-00003F and DA29-00003G, including fridges that use both the older and newer styles of locking mechanism.

The genuine OEM Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00003G / HAFCU1/XAA Refrigerator Water Filter is a replacement for the Samsung DA29-00003B and fits Samsung refrigerators with a short, round filter.

Having trouble installing the DA29-00003G? As of 2019, Samsung has updated the locking mechanism for the Samsung DA29-00003F water filter to fit in any refrigerator that uses the older style of locking mechanism for Samsung DA29-00003F and DA29-00003G, as well as the newer style of locking mechanism for DA29-00003G. We recommend replacing your Samsung DA29-00003G filter with the genuine OEM, NSF-certified Samsung DA29-00003F water filter. Beyond the updated locking mechanism, DA29-00003F and DA29-00003G are the same filter.

DA29-00003G Specifications
  • Filter Life: 6 months or 300 gallons (whichever comes first)
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Operating Pressure: 20-125 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33-100 °F
  • Filter Size: 5-1/2" (Length) x 3-1/4" (Diameter)
  • Certification: NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53
  • Contaminant Removal: 97.60% of Chlorine, 99.30% of Lead at pH 6.5, 99.40% of Lead at pH 8.5, 96.60% of Mercury at pH 6.5, 88.90% of Mercury at pH 8.5, 99.99% of Cysts, 99.00% of Asbestos, 96.40% of Benzene, 99.80% of P-Dichlorobenzene, 98.70% of Carbofuran, 98.6% of Turbidity, and 98.40% of Particulates (Class I)
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
How to Replace the Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Filter DA29-00003G
  • Turn the used filter counterclockwise 1/4 turn and pull the filter straight down (The water shuts off automatically so you don’t have to worry about flooding your refrigerator)
  • Discard the used filter and slide the new filter into the fridge with the handle in the vertical position
  • Push the filter straight up into the fridge and turn it clockwise 1/4 turn
  • If your refrigerator has a “Change Filter“ light, reset it
How to Reset the "Change Filter" Light
  • Press and hold the Ice Type and Child Lock buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. If the light turns green, you have successfully reset it (If you hold these buttons for 5 seconds, you will cancel the reset process and will have to redo it. If this happens, release the buttons and start over)
  • My Samsung DA29-00003G water filter isn’t fitting. What changed?

    Samsung recently made design changes to several refrigerator water filters. The new model of DA29-00003G has a different locking mechanism that can make it difficult to install.

    How can I get it to fit?

    There are a couple of different troubleshooting methods you can try.

    Recommended Troubleshooting Method: If an older version of DA29-00003G was previously installed, the locking tabs on the filter housing may not be open fully or aligned properly. To open the tabs:

    • Remove the shelf fitted directly under the water filter to make more room to remove the filter safely.
    • Re-insert the old filter by twisting to the right, ensuring that the lock symbols line up. (Old Key design)
    • Remove the old filter again by twisting to the left (counterclockwise) ONLY. Do not allow the filter to immediately drop out of the housing. Gently push the filter upwards whilst twisting it until it will turn no further.
    • Once fully twisted, lower the filter down from the filter housing. The filter housing will now be fully opened.
    • The new filter can now be installed by pushing up and firmly twisting it to the right (clockwise) until the lock symbols line up. The new filter will require more force to install.
    • If the new filter is still not fully locking, repeat steps 1 to 5.

    Troubleshooting Method Two: If the old filter cartridge is not available, a great amount of force can be applied to insert the new filter (at your own risk). However, please note that damage to the filter housing is possible when this method is used. Use the following steps:

    • Insert the filter cartridge into the filter housing with the “lock” icon on the filter cartridge aligned to the left of the “unlock” icon on the filter housing.
    • Turn the filter cartridge counterclockwise approximately 1-2 inches until it catches on the filter housing.
    • Using considerable pressure (at your own risk), continue turning the filter cartridge counterclockwise until the “lock” icon aligns with the “lock” icon on the filter housing. You should hear a small burst of water run through the filter.

    Troubleshooting Method Three: If the above methods do not work, we recommend purchasing the SpiroPure SP-SA003 refrigerator water filter. SpiroPure SP-SA003 has the older style of locking mechanism used by previous versions of DA29-00003G.