3M Aqua-Pure Reverse Osmosis Module Replacement

  • AP5500RM

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Replace every 3 years
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AP5500RM / 5608401 Reverse Osmosis Module Replacement

    The AP5500RM is a replacement module for the APRO5500 Reverse Osmosis System. The module has a capacity of 25 gallons per day or 1 gallon per hour.

  • Model Number: AP5500RM
  • Part Number: 5608401
  • 3M ID: 70020019231
  • UPC: 16145008481
Replacing RO Membrane Module

    The life of the RO membrane depends on local water chemistry and proper maintenance (regular filter change, etc.). Under typical conditions, the RO membrane life changes from 18 months to 3 years because of its self cleaning feature.

    The RO membrane should be replaced as determined by an optional percent rejection monitor. The monitor is factory preset so that a green light will be displayed when the water quality is good, and a red or yellow light indicates that replacement may be necessary. If a red or yellow light is displayed, the faucet should be opened and the storage tank drained. After it has refilled, check the system again. If a red or yellow light is still displayed, the membrane should be replaced.

    NOTE: Recommended membrane service lis is 36 months, maximum.