Culligan RV-500A / RV-600A Disposable RV Water Filter

NSF Certified
  • RV-500A / RV-600A

Replace filter every 12 months
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The RV-500A and RV-600A have been discontinued and replaced by RV-700 and RV-800.

Culligan RV-500A / RV-600A RV Water Filter Overview
  • Cartridge Lifetime: 2,000 gallons or 12 months (whichever comes first)
  • Filter Media: Granular activated carbon
  • Flow Rate: 1 gallon per minute
  • Replacement Cartridge: RV-500A (available on this page)
Culligan RV-500 / RV-600 Recreational Vehicle / Marine Water Filter Advantages
  • NSF certified performance
  • Effectively reduces bad taste & odor, aesthetic chlorine taste & odor, and sediment
  • May also be used as a garden filter
  • Provides a high flow rate for a quick fill
  • Connects easily to any 3/4" garden hose for pre-tank filtration to campers, trailers, motor homes, or boats
  • The RV-600A includes a 12" flexible hose
  • Previously known as RV-500 or RV-600
Recreational Vehicle / Marine Water Filter Instructions
  • For use with 3/4-inch flexible hose couplings
  • It is recommended that you install the filter between two flexible hoses to prevent damage
  • The short hose supplied with the RV-600A may be attached to either end of the filter
  • RV Water Filter 1
    Turn off water supply. Remove plastic plugs from ends of filter. DO NOT discard plugs; they may be used to store the filter between usages. Make sure the rubber washer is inserted into inlet of filter. NOTE: Water must flow through filter in the proper direction. INLET and OUTLET are marked clearly on either end of the filter.
  • RV Water Filter 2
    Attach the inlet (female) end of filter to the supply hose. Turn on water and flush carbon filter for 5 minutes to remove carbon fines before using the water. Turn off water supply.
  • RV Water Filter 3
    Attach outlet (male) end of filter to second hose. Installation is complete! Turn on water supply to use filter.