Pentek PD-10-20 / 155757-43 Polydepth Polypropylene Filter Cartridge

SpiroPure SP-PD10-20

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Pentek PD-10-20 / 155757-43

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Pentek 155757-43 Specifications:
  • Filter Media: Polypropylene
  • Application: City or well water
  • Contaminant Reduction: Sediment (sand, dirt, silt, rust, and scale particles)
  • Dimensions: 20" L x 2-1/2" D
  • Rating: 10 micron
  • Flow Rate: 5 gpm at <2 psi
  • Temperature Rating: 40°F to 175°F
  • Part Number: 155757-43 / 15575743
PD Series Cartridges Overview:
  • Consistent flow rate and superior filtration performance
  • Thermally bonded polypropylene microfiber construction for higher filtration efficiency
  • Will not impact taste, odor, or color of the filtered water
  • Ideal for a wide variety of industrial filtration
Documentation: Compatible Part or Model Numbers:
  • Ametek PD-10-20
  • Everpure EV9534-26, EC210
  • USFilter / US Filter PD-10-20
  • Valuetrex VX10-20, 1227870-V
Compatible Housings:
  • Culligan / Ametek / Pentek #20 / 20" standard filter housings (20-ST, 20-3GMB-C)
  • Everpure EV9324-21 Insurice Single PF - I2000², EV9324-22 Insurice Twin PF - I2000², EV9325-23 Insurice Triple PF - I4000², EV9327-73 Insurice PF Triple 7FC-S System, EV9327-74 Insurice PF Quad 7FC-S System, EV9328-01 COLDRINK 1 - MC² System, EV9328-02 COLDRINK 2 - MC² System, EV9328-03 COLDRINK 3 - MC² System, EV9328-05 High Flow CSR Triple - MC2 with Low Pressure Alarm, EV9328-06 High Flow CSR Triple-MC² System, EV9328-73 Coldrink 3 - 7FC System, EV9328-74 Coldrink 4 - 7FC System, EV9329-73 High Flow CSR Triple 7FC System, EV9329-74 High Flow CSR Quad 7FC System, EV9330-42 High Flow CSR Twin-MC², EV9337-22 Dual High Flow Coldrink M-XC2, EV9337-44 Dual High Flow Coldrink S-MC² System, EV9347-20 High Flow CSR Plus-XC² System, EV9347-21 High Flow CSR Plus-XC² System with LPA, EV9437-10 High Flow CSR Quad-MC² System, EV9437-11 High Flow CSR Quad-MC² System with LPA, EV9795-90 E-20 Prefilter System
  • Other brands' 20" standard size housings