Sprite HOC High Output Shower Filter Replacement

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Sprite HOC High Output Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge
  • Replacement Cartridge For: HOB
    Sprite HOB
    , HO2
    Sprite HO2
    , and HO series shower filters
  • Filtration Technology: Chlorgon
  • Cartridge Lifetime: 20,000 gallons or 12 months (whichever comes first)
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Sprite HOC High Output Replacement Filter Advantages
  • Long-Lasting: Filter cartridge lasts a full 12 months, making it the highest capacity filter on the market
  • Reversible: Cartridge may be reversed to prevent backlogging and restore water flow (Reversal at six months is recommended to extend filter life to a full 12 months)
Health & Cosmetic Benefits
  • Softer, healthier skin and hair
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp
  • Reduced fading in color-treated hair
  • Improved lathering and sudsing
Do the filter cartridges expire?

No. The cartridges have an unlimited shelf life as long as they are kept dry. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a Super Value package, which offers you an additional discount on each filter.

When replacing the cartridge, does it matter which side faces the wall?

No. The HOC cartridges are reversible.

Has Sprite changed the casing style for their replacement filters?

Yes, they have and they may do so again in the future. Sprite uses two types of casings: white and clear.