Watersafe Well Water Test Kit

  • WS-425W

Handyman Recommended
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Test for 10 common contaminants
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The EPA recommends testing your private well water at least once a year. With the Watersafe Well Water Test Kit, you now have the opportunity to conduct a professional, reliable lab-quality test right at home.
  • Provides professional lab-quality results that appear right before your eyes!
  • Get results in 10 minutes-start to finish
  • Gain complete confidence in the water you drink
  • Cross-reference the results with the EPA-recommended levels
What does it test for?
  • Test for the presence of harmful bacteria
  • Test for heavy metals such as copper, iron, and lead
  • Find out the hardness of your water
  • Learn the pH balance of your water
  • Determine the presence of deadly toxins from pesticides or fertilizers (nitrate/nitrite)
  • Detect dangerous levels of chlorine for those who treat their water with chlorine (If you don’t use chlorine to treat your well water, this will not be a concern)
  • Awarded “Member Tested and Recommended Seal of Approval“ by the Handyman Club of America
EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels or Guildline Standards
  • Bacteria: None
  • Copper: Below 1.3 ppm
  • Iron: Below 0.3 ppm
  • Lead: Below 15 ppb
  • Hardness: Below 50 ppm
  • pH: 6.5 to 8.5
  • Pesticides: Below 3ppb (atrazine), Below 4ppb (simazine)
  • Nitrate/Nitrite: Below 1.0 ppm
  • Chlorine: Below 4 ppb
Do you have the MSDS for this product?

The WaterSafe water test kits do not require any MSDS paperwork. There is no wet chemistry involved with these tests.