Pentek BW/BC / 144880 Big Clear Housing Spanner Wrench

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Pentek BW/BC
Pentek BW/BC Spanner Wrench for Big Clear Housings Overview
  • Designed to loosen the bottom of the filter housing during cartridge replacement (The wrench should NOT be used to tighten the housing)
The BW/BC wrench may be used with the following housing models:
  • Pentek 10" or 20" Big Clear housings
  • Pentek 10-BC, 20-BC, 166219, 166201
  • American Plumber W10-BC, W15-BC, HD10-CL, 152080
The BW/BC also replaces the following housing wrench models:
  • American Plumber WWBC, 144880
  • Pentek SH144880