You say your SpiroPure air filter is a compatible replacement for an OEM air filter, but the actual dimensions are not exactly the same. Will your filter still fit in my system?

Yes, your filter should fit snugly without having to be forced into place. In general, as long as the sizing is within 1/4", the difference is not going to cause any kind of significant problems. For example, Carrier FILXXFNC0017 vs. our replacement, SpiroPure SP-16x20x5W-P8M2. The FILXXFNC0017 is 15-5/8" (15.625") x 19-13/16" (19.8125") x 4-5/16" (4.3125") while the SpiroPure filter is 15-1/2" (15.5”) x 19-3/4"(19.75”) x 4-5/16" (4.3125”). In this case the difference is less than 1/8" of an inch, and the SpiroPure filter should fit your system with no issues.