CleanBoost Anti-Gel Diesel Cold Flow 55 Gallon Barrel

EPA Registered
  • CT-CBCF-055

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Get a 55 gallon barrel ofCleanBoost Anti-Gel Diesel Cold Flow fuel additive by Combustion Technologies that works with #1 / #2 Diesel Fuels and Bio-Diesel Fuels B5, B10, and B20 to reduce pour points and stop gelling. Anti-Gel is made to provide maximum flow and pouring capabilities in diesel and biodiesel fuels.

Benefits of Using CleanBoost Anti-Gel:
  • EPA registered
  • Helps diesels start in cold weather environments
  • Prevents filter plugging in cold temperatures for harder to treat diesel fuels
  • Eliminates problems associated with water in fuel
  • When used with Combust Fuel Filters, removes 99.9% of the water in equipment's fuel systems and/or storage tanks
  • Prevents gelling of #2 diesel fuels as low as -40° F
  • Inhibits growth of wax crystals in storage tanks and equipment/truck fueling systems
  • Improves CFPP (Cold Filter Pour Point) behavior
  • Reduces need to use kerosene dilution for pour or flow control