CleanBoost Diesel Rescue Emergency De-Gel 55 Gallon Barrel

EPA Registered
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Get a 55 gallon barrel of CleanBoost Diesel Rescue emergency de-gel fuel treatment / additive by Combustion Technologies that thaws diesel systems that have become gelled. Diesel Rescue liquifies fuels to get your engine running again instantly. Effective in all diesel fuels, ULSD, and Bio-Fuels.

Benefits of Using CleanBoost Diesel Rescue:
  • EPA registered
  • Liquifies gelled fuels
  • Thaws frozen fuel filters
  • Prevents fuel filter icing
  • Removes water from the fuel system
  • Assists in extending the life of fuel filters, injectors, and pumps
  • Increases Cetane numbers of the fuel
  • Helps diesel engines starts in extreme cold weather