CleanBoost NanoSheen Waterless Wash and Shine 16 oz Bottle

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Get a 16 oz bottle of CleanBoost Nano-Sheen Waterless Wash and Shine by Combustion Technologies, an auto, trucking, and marine cleaning solution that cleans, shines, and protects without the need of water. NanoSheen washes your car, SUV, boat, large truck, or classic automobile in less than 15 minutes.

Benefits of Using Waterless Wash & Shine:
  • Cleans, shines, and protects a number of surfaces
  • Easy to use and requires no buckets, no hoses, no rinsing, and no drying, just simply spray on the surface and wipe dry
  • Surrounds and lifts dirt, bugs, and tree sap using only a soft cloth
  • Quickly wash your vehicle or equipment anywhere, anytime without a car wash, water, and soap
  • Washes and shines your car, SUV, boat, large truck, or classic automobile in less than 15 minutes without water
  • Eco-friendly, with no silicon and reduced water requirements
  • No petroleum distillates
  • Non-Hazardous DOT
  • Guaranteed to not scratch paint
  • Safe for use on paint, chrome, plastic, and glass
  • VOC Compliant with the California Air Resource Board (CARB)
  • Compliant with the OTC (Ozone Transport Commission) in 13 states
  • Provides a protective film for added gloss, color enhancement, and smoothness that can't be achieved at regular car washes
  • Dissolves dirt and stains such as summer time bugs, tree sap, dust, salt, road grime, and more
  • Leaves a smooth, shiny, water-beaded coating
  • Contains polymers for added protection for lasting effects
  • One 16 oz bottle treats up to 4 vehicles
  • Great degreaser with applications in the commercial/industrial arenas
Common Applications:
  • Transportation
  • Sports Vehicles
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles, air-craft, and more
  • Best for use on light or moderate dirt. Do not use on heavily soiled vehicles