CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil 55 Gallon Barrel

  • CT-CBR2050-055

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Get a 55 gallon barrel of CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil by Combustion Technologies, made to treat and protect the moving parts of engines, creating an extreme pressure boundary layer. 20w50 is great for solid camshaft applications and provides the best wear protection in the industry today.

Benefits of Using CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil:
  • Tested in an engine with 100-HP to 10,000-HP, to help keep bearings, crank-shafts, and camshafts running longer and more efficiently
  • Engineered to treat and protect the moving parts of engines
  • Creates an extreme pressure boundary layer between moving engine parts with as much as 10-times the leading oil’s film strength
  • Provides the best wear protection in the industry today
  • Protects street machines and race cars with patented technology
  • Contains plenty of Zinc and Moly to help engine builders keep their builds running longer and smoother
  • Does not contain solvents, plastics, graphite, boron, Teflon or chlorine, keeping the engines internal parts clean