CleanBoost Diesel Duty 5w40 (CJ-4 Motor Oil) Full Synthetic 5 Gallons

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Get a 5 gallon pail of CleanBoost 5w40 Diesel Duty Full Synthetic engine oil by Combustion Technologies, a blend of premium synthetic based oils and selected additives. 5w40 is for all new and old engines using ULSD fuel and safe for usage with most of the After Treatment Devices (ATD).

Benefits of Using CleanBoost 5w40 Diesel Duty:
  • Meets and exceeds tomorrows EPA compliant engine requirements
  • Meets and exceeds OEM specifications
  • High TBN with low SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulfur)
  • Reduces friction, extends oil drain intervals, and saves money on fuel consumption
  • Contains an effective additive system, which keeps the EGR engines highly clean
  • Helps diesel equipment run smooth and reduces friction between metal to metal moving parts
  • Can be used with all EGR and Non-EGR engine applications
  • Compatible with DPF (diesel particulate filters) and all ATD (after treatment devices)
Common Applications:
  • Fully synthetic and backward compatible with all old and new engines using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel
  • All turbo-charged EGR diesel engines where manufacturers specify API, CJ-4/CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF-SM, and European ACEA and OEM claims
  • Meets MB 228.3/.31, Volvo VDS-4, Cummins CES 20081, Mack EO-N premium plus, ACEA E&, and MAN 3275/3277 Specifications
  • Safe for use with most After Treatment Devices (ATD)