Culligan IC-100A Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

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The IC-100A and IC-100 (older model) are not the same cartridge. The IC-100 used compression fittings which, if overtightened, could crack the body of the filter. The newer, improved IC-100A uses push connect fittings that make installation quick and easy without causing potential damage to the filter.

Culligan IC-100A Inline Refrigerator Water Filter Overview
  • Filtration: Level 1 Basic Filtration
  • Cartridge Life: 12 months or 2,500 gallons
Culligan Ice Maker / Refrigerator Dispenser Drinking Water Filter Advantages
  • NSF certified performance
  • Works great as an inline water filter for a water dispenser or an icemaker
The Culligan IC100 filter cartridge has been tested and certified by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of the following contaminants:
  • Chlorine
  • Bad taste and odor
What is the difference between the Culligan IC-100 and IC-100A?

The only difference between the filters is the connect fittings. The IC-100 uses compression fittings and the IC-100A uses push-connect fittings. The new industry standard is moving to push-connect fittings because of the potential of cracking the filter by over tightening the compression fittings. Other than the different fittings, the two filters are exactly the same. The IC-100 is no longer being made.