Camping Filter FAQs

Do any of the water filters remove radiation?

Unfortunately, none of the water filters will remove radiation from water to a significant degree. Filtration units with a .2 micron filter will remove nuclear particles in the water larger than .2 microns through mechanical filtration, but the only way to effectively treat radioactivity in water is through the use of iodine. Iodine in treated water may be neutralized by adding vitamin C tablets to the water, but there is currently no water filter specifically designed to remove iodine.

Which water filters do you recommend for world travel?

It depends on where you are traveling and the water you are using. If you are backpacking through Europe and need to use the filter only in backcountry water conditions, any microfilter should do the job. However, if you are traveling to a third world country and are concerned about the presence of viruses, we recommend the following systems:
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